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July 22, 2012
by admin

My Son’s First Sail

My son is In LA visiting me From Manitoba, Canada. I haven’t seen him for a year so it’s pretty great.

I had planned to take him to Catalina for a few days but the boat is still not ready after weeks of being worked by a few different tradesmen.

We were going to try and go for an overnight trip anyway, so I enlisted the help of my girl Monique to help out. Without autopilot, I needed someone to keep the boat into the wind while I deployed the sails. Once away, we immediately started having electrical problems and then shorty after, Christian got sick. So we turned back.

Was still fun getting out for a couple of hours, although for such a short time on the water, Christian was out with mild sea sickness and I got burned pretty good. We came back and went to bed early. :) What a couple of lightweights!

July 10, 2012
by admin

Radar Tower Is Up!

Well Monique and I managed to get the Garhauer Radar Tower with Outboard Davit and Raydome up today. Robert from Seven Seas Electronics is coming tomorrow morning to finish the install of the rest of the electronics.

Thanks to Mark from Garhauer for personally delivering the tower and giving me a great deal, and offering to sponsor us for anything else we need to help with the show.

With any luck we’ll be off to Catalina this weekend for a good solid sea trial of everything working.


Producers, Producers, and more Producers…

June 21, 2012 by admin | 10 Comments

Doug Maddox and Doug Ross

Well I recently had the pleasure of sailing with a producing team from back east who were here in LA for a Producer’s Guild event.

Doug Maddox from DBM Communications and DBM Films, and Doug Ross from Wang-Ross Communications, came out for about 4 hours, and surprisingly, neither one of them got sick! Good job guys! I also had my mechanic friend Augustine and his daughter out, along with my girl Monique. It was a great day. We saw a couple of dolphins but they were gone in a flash. Usually we see plenty.

After the sail we went for dinner at Killer Shrimp, and met up with Terence M. O’Keefe and Marlene Kuo-Morinaga of Vanguard Productions, and Yang Zhang, CEO of Swagg Media.

While it was great fun out on the water, obviously I’m hoping that one of my shows is picked up. UnDo Influence is still getting interest, and SeeWorld with Jon Charron is gaining momentum as well. Then there’s my 7 features I’m working on! Something’s gotta give soon! I need to replenish the coffers and something to focus on…at least for a while! Haha!

SeeWorld Pitch

June 21, 2012 by admin | 10 Comments

We ran into a variety of snags and quite simply, ran out of time to pursue the trip this year, so we are now planning to leave next February, 2013.  In the meantime, we’ll be putting together a sizzle reel and pilot and doing some trips up and down the California coast and Baja, Mexico in the Cal 34 I bought a couple of months ago. For more details about the trip and the show, view the video below.

Who’s Fishing Who?

June 14, 2012 by admin | 15 Comments

As we start gearing up to get our pilot and sizzle reel under way, I have been doing my due diligence about what to bring on board the boat for fishing.  I’ve got the hand lining gear now and will begin to experiment with that technique just for the food only component and for those sailors who insist that is the easiest way to go for the times when you’re sailing with minimal crew, short handed or just want to always have a line in the water.  And also, because my buddy and expert ocean fisherman and guide, Captain Forest says it won’t work!!  Haha!  In that vein, I just had to share this video of a guy tying to hand line in a big group and getting pulled out of the boat.  Too funny!

Don’t worry Forest!  We’ll have proper equipment as well and try to stay safely in the boat!

April 24, 2012
by admin

Finally Bought A Boat

Well I finally did it!

I bought a boat and officially moved on board last Friday. It’s been a long time coming but it’s a strong boat that fits my budget. With a little bit of love, some gear and equipment, she’ll make it just fine.


Lydia’s Pitch For A Spot On The Crew

February 20, 2012 by admin | 10 Comments

The crew contest hasn’t officially started while we wait for the IndieGoGo campaign to run its course, but some people are sending in early video entries anyway, including Lydia, from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

lysida's crew contest pitch

I wish I could just start the contest now, and see all the great, inspirational pitches but we have to wait to see what our funding is at the end of the campaign and while we pitch the show ourselves to try and raise more money for the contest.  Stay tuned!